Hi All Motorsport Fans

Welcome to this months newsletter… hope you are all prepared for the cooler winter months ahead but also look forward to the warmth of a cozy log fire.

Twenty-seventeen is going to be a monumental year for us as we follow up from a year that saw inevitable change and the introduction to a motorsport festival extending into two weekends.  The 2016 success has now allowed us more time and space to be that much more creative, organised and develop new opportunities to help the future sustainability of the Waimate 50 event.  Yes, the two weekend theme is definitely here to stay and the thing is now to build and link both weekends into a seamless ongoing motorsport festival.

Our movers and shakers will be working very hard on new initiatives and strategic plans to raise funds, strengthen the commitment from council, supporters and competitors to make this one of the biggest, best and most value added event for our community and region.

​​Some new initiatives this year is one, an indoor car/bike show running from the start of the festival on Friday afternoon of the 13th of October right through until the 22nd –

linking both weekends.  If you have a car or motorbike of interest and want to display it please just let us know at waimate50@gmail.com

Another new initiative this year and signalling the start of the Motorsport Festival is the ‘Super Night Street-Stage’ on the Friday night, the 13th of October.

The new Super Street Stage is going to be one of the event highlights for the drivers with points amassed going towards the overall combined Champion.

Held in the evening darkness on a proposed new 1100 metre course that will start right outside of the Waimate Event Centre, this is going to be one amazing spectacle

for the thousands of expected spectators..

We will also be looking at some new initiatives for the hill-climb, downhill and rally-sprint.

Our team will be raising funds to finance the event from fund raising to grants, sponsorship, sales and participation fees.  We will be hiring some of our resources and cutting firewood that will be available for sale soon around Waimate — Please call us if you are wanting firewood from our fund raising on 03 689 8094

We would like to thank the many volunteers that are involved in the multiple aspects that make up all the various moving parts of this wonderful event.

Without these very dedicated people things would become very hard for us so thank you all again.

​McKeown Petroleum Waimate 50 Motorsport Festival is an event that is on the move.  We have come such a long way since the revival in 2010 from a three-event

theme to grow and develop over the years into a twelve-event Motorsport Festival spanning two weeks planned for 2017.

Its time now to build that new road forward as we look towards a more certain future for Waimate and the iconic Waimate 50.